Street PhotosThe 13 year old twins from Glencoe, IL write and perform their own original compositions. Carly & Martina’s participation in the top-ranking band at Evanston’s School of Rock summer program led them to their introduction to producer Steve Wagner.


Both accomplished pianists, Carly & Martina won the gold and silver medals at the North Shore Sonatina Piano Festival in 2008. They have been studying classical and jazz music for eight years. In the last few years they have added pop and rock to their repertoire. Carly & Martina  have performed at Northwestern Pick Stadium and Ravinia with the Midwest Young Artists Jazz Program. In December 2013, Carly & Martina performed their original compositions at the live music venue Mayne Stage. Both are multi-instrumentalists playing guitar, bass and drums.


In addition to being accomplished musicians, Carly & Martina have participated in many acting programs at Actors Training Center in Wilmette, IL. They had leading roles in summer programs at Skyline Studios, Inc. where they sang, danced, and acted. Carly & Martina also performed in “School House Rock Live! Jr” and “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!”, both part of the Music Institute of Chicago’s Summer on Broadway Theatre Program.


Shotokan karate is a shared passion for Carly & Martina, who both possess Shotokan black belts. They won gold medals in the USA Karate National Championship Tournament in 2010 and again in 2011. Carly won a bronze medal in the USA Karate National Championship Tournament and the Fonseca Cup Karate Tournament in 2012.  Martina won two bronze medals in the USA Karate National Championship Tournament in 2010 and 2012. Carly and Martina currently study Krav Maga and boxing.


Seventh graders at Central School in Glencoe, Illinois, Carly & Martina have taken enrichment classes at the Northwestern Center for Talent Development focusing on math and science.  Recently, Carly tested into the New Trier High School math program and she is now attending New Trier High School for accelerated math as a seventh grader. Martina is studying advanced math and was recently elected co-president of student council at Central School.


Carly & Martina enjoy golf, biking, reading, travel and watching movies.