7 December 2014: Carly & Martina interviewed on “Crazy Sundays” WCCX-FM 104.5 FM


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Carly & Martina interviewed on “Crazy Sundays” WCCX-FM 104.5 FM

December 7, 2014 Waukesha, WI Recording artists Carly & Martina appeared on “Crazy Sundays” hosted by Gregg Wandsneider, on WCCX-FM 104.5 and online. Wandsneider first heard Carly & Martina one week earlier on November 30 when the 13 year old twins from Glencoe, IL appeared on the Brian Noonan show on clear channel, Chicago’s WGN-AM radio. Noonan debuted their single “Make Me Happy” and had the twins on for a full hour interview with a live in-studio performance.

Wandsneider tuned into the bullying theme of the song, contacted Carly & Martina and asked them if he could play their song to the entire sixth grade at North Shore Middle School where he is an assistant teacher. Because the class loved the song, Gregg convinced Carly & Martina to submit a video for presentation at an Anti-Bullying event attended by 150 students, which they did. In an email following the December 3rd event Wandsneider said, “This is so much more than I could have asked for. I almost cried!”

On the radio Carly & Martina talked about songwriting, how they met and hooked up with their record company, the recording process, the video for the song, and anti-bullying. Wandsneider invited the girls to return as guests on “Crazy Sundays” the following Sunday.


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