30 November 2014: Carly & Martina appear on clear channel WGN-AM Radio


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Carly & Martina appear on clear channel WGN-AM Radio

November 30, 2014 Chicago, IL WGN’s Brian Noonan had 13 year old twins and recording artists Carly & Martina on his weekly radio show which airs every Sunday from 6 to 9pm. The girls came on at 7pm to promote their debut recording, the single “Make Me Happy”. After Brian’s introduction he asked the girls “How long have you been playing music?” Martina replied, “We’ve been playing piano for about nine years now. I’ve been playing guitar for about four and Carly just picked up the bass.” Brian jumped in, “Don’t panic, your fans are already storming the studio, people are pounding on the window!”

“Your dad and mom were smart back in the day to get you into karate because they saw something,” continued Brian. “They’re gonna be pursued by the paparazzi and they’re gonna be pursued by their fans and if you can throat-punch a guy that’s a good trait!” The girls replied, “We’ve done karate for about seven years and now we’re doing Krav Maga which is Israeli street defense and boxing. It’s really practical.” After laughing out loud Brian replied, “How practical is it in Glencoe, do you need a lot of street defense to get around the mean streets of Glencoe!” Martina said, “If we’re downtown and something happens, we’ll know what to do!”

The vibe of the interview which lasted a full hour was reminiscent of The Beatles early press releases with fun, witty conversation, happening live. “Is this the first time this song is going to be played on the radio?” The girls said “Yes.” Brian continues, “So this is a big deal…when you win a Grammy I expect at least some sort of shout out, I don’t need any swag, I don’t need any tote bag, I just need some sort of shout out.”

After discussing other topics like how it came to be that the song was discovered, recorded and released, the songwriting process, Carly & Martina performed another of their original compositions, “Romeo and Juliet”, live on the radio. Afterward Brian asked when the music video was coming out. The girls replied, “We just had a music video shoot on November 23. We invited all our friends to be in the audience in the music video. It’s coming out soon”. It was obvious Brian and Carly & Martina had a great time on the air and so did the lsiteners.

The show can be heard here:



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