3 December 2014: Carly & Martina featured in Anti-Bullying campaign


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Carly & Martina featured in Anti-Bullying campaign

December 3, 2014 Hartland, WI 150 students attended an Anti-Bullying campaign at North Shore and LIFE Charter Middle Schools in Hartland, WI. The event was hosted by assistant teacher Gregg Wandsneider who also hosts “Crazy Sundays” on WCCX-104.5 FM. Gregg first heard Carly & Martina interviewed on Chicago’s WGN-AM radio by program host Brian Noonan the previous Sunday. The 13 year old twins from Glencoe, IL were on Noonan’s show promoting the release of their debut single “Make Me Happy”. Wandsneider tuned into the bullying theme of the song, contacted Carly & Martina and asked them if he could play their song to the entire sixth grade. Because the class loved the song Gregg convinced Carly & Martina to submit a video for presentation at the Anti-Bullying event.

Carly & Martina’s videotaped message contained great information. They started off by saying “It’s not your fault somebody is being mean to you, don’t blame yourself. You can’t control what other people do but you can control how you react to it.” They went on to describe four ways to combat bullying.

1: “If your parents or teachers are giving you a lecture and they’re saying the same things as everybody else you may think they read a book and are just repeating the book. They are right. They’ve probably been through this too. They know what they’re talking about and their solutions are most likely correct. So listen to your parents, teachers and coaches.”

2: “In order to make yourself feel better and make somebody else feel better try to give five compliments each day to five different people.”

3: “Stand up for yourself, saying something can make it stop. If something is bothering you tell them, ‘It’s bothering me, you have to stop. You’re being a bully.’ Let them know they are being a bully.”

4: In regards to self esteem “Always feel good about yourself. Here, taking it to our song, I originally was bullied the day we wrote the song. The people that bullied me said some really mean things about me and I was really upset about that. And then I started writing lyrics. It just flowed, in ten minutes I had the idea for the song. That’s how “Make Me Happy” happened. So find an outlet to express your feelings like writing a poem, running around the block, playing basketball. For us, it’s songs.

In an email following the event Wandsneider said, “This is so much more than I could have asked for. I
almost cried!”


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