21 October 2014: Carly & Martina record their first single “Make Me Happy” at Riverside Studio


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Carly & Martina record their first single “Make Me Happy” at Riverside Studio

Chicago, IL October 21, 2014 Carly & Martina first entered Riverside Studio in August, 2014 as part of Evanston’s School of Rock summer band camp program. A group of teenagers came in with three original compositions one of which was “Make Me Happy” written by the 13 year old twins from Glencoe, IL. By late September recording engineer/producer Steve Wagner signed Carly & Martina to re-record and release the song.


Carly & Martina showed up at the studio around 5pm. They were accompanied Chicago-based Nick & The Ovorols featuring Nick Peraino, guitar; Joewaun Scott, bass and Lance Lewis, drums. Pianist Delby Littlejohn had worked with Joewaun on some R&B gigs and it was Joewaun who brought Delby into the session. By 6 o’clock the rehearsal started and in about an hour the track was recorded!


Once the track was recorded the studio was slightly re-arranged to do some videotaping. During this setup Carly & Martina went to wardrobe to get dressed and have their makeup touched up. Video specialist Chris Monaghan had already been capturing footage of the girls being their teenage selves throughout the evening but this segment of the proceedings was crucial to the success of the video for “Make Me Happy”.  A half hour later it was time to pack up and say goodbyes. After all Carly & Martina had an early morning the next day back in the seventh grade in school.


Riverside Studio is the in-house recording studio of famed Chicago jazz and blues label Delmark Records. Delmark, founded in 1953 by Bob Koester, is the oldest independent record company in the world still owned and operated by its founder. Wagner has been signing recording artists, producing and recording albums for twenty-five years and has been involved in the production of over 500 albums.


“Make Me Happy” is a real song, played on real instruments, written and performed by real people. This is somewhat unusual in this day and age of auto-tune (a recording tool to fix the voices of people that can’t sing in tune), click tracks (for musicians that can’t keep time), copying and pasting (for musicians that can’t play the whole song correctly), synthesized instruments, music manufactured by corporate companies designed to be consumed by the masses. The whole crew went in with the goal to make an artistic statement to be proud of.  And, of course, the hope to get Carly & Martina in front of as many music fans as possible.