17 December 2014: Carly & Martina release video for their debut single “Make Me Happy”


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Contact: Steve Wagner

Wagadelic Music

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Carly & Martina release video for their debut single “Make Me Happy”

December 17, 2014 Chicago, IL The last four months have been a whirlwind of activity for 13 year old twins Carly & Martina. In August they participated in a School of Rock summer band camp program and were introduced to record producer and recording engineer Steve Wagner. He loved their original composition and in September signed them to release their first recording. “Make Me Happy” was recorded on October 21st at Riverside Studio, Chicago.

Photo and video shoots were crammed into the busy teenager’s schedules. “Make Me Happy” was officially released on November 18. On November 23 a live video shoot was held at SPACE, Evanston’s hottest live music venue. A large group of the girls’ friends from school attended the video shoot and are featured in the video.

Radio host Brian Noonan had Carly & Martina on his WGN-AM show of November 30. Brian debuted the song on the radio, interviewed the girls for a full hour and Carly & Martina performed on live radio. Soon the girls were also on WCCX-FM Waukesha, WI and featured in a local anti-bullying event there via a videotaped segment.

The video for “Make Me Happy” was released today and is now available for viewing on Youtube.



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