13 November 2014: Carly & Martina complete videotaping for their first single “Make Me Happy”


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Carly & Martina complete videotaping for their first single “Make Me Happy”

Evanston, IL November 23, 2014 Hot on the heels of the November 18th release of their first single, recording artists Carly & Martina, 13 year old twins from Glencoe, IL, completed videotaping for “Make Me Happy”.  A private videotaping session took place today at SPACE, Evanston’s hottest music venue, between noon and 3pm directed by Wagadelic Music producer Steve Wagner.


As Wagner, Carly & Martina and their parents arrived they were greeted by news reporter Daniel Dorfman of the Glencoe News. Dorfman interviewed Wagner and Carly & Martina for a feature to appear the following week in both the hard version of the paper and the internet. After Dorfman took a few photos the crew dug in to videotape the main scenes for the upcoming music video.


Weeks earlier the idea of having a live audience at the videotaping was agreed upon. The plan was to have Carly & Martina’s friends arrive at SPACE at 2pm. “When I peeked out the door to see how many were waiting to enter, the line was from the live room’s entry door to the exit doors of the main building and continuing outside”, said Wagner.  Shots of Carly & Martina’s friends dancing, playing air guitar and drums are sliced in the final cut of the “Make Me Happy” video.


Another video location for the “Make Me Happy” video is Riverside Studio, shot on the night the song was recorded — October 21, 2014. Riverside is the in-house recording studio for famed Chicago jazz and blues label Delmark Records where Wagner has been active since 1987. Delmark is the oldest independent record company in the U.S. (and quite possibly anywhere) still owned and operated by its founder and there’s lots of history in the studio.


In addition to the Glencoe News article, arrangements were just recently finalized for Carly & Martina to appear on live radio on Chicago’s very own WGN-AM radio on the Brian Noonan show Sunday November 30, 2014 at 7pm. Brian will interview the girls, play the record “Make Me Happy” and Carly & Martina will also sing live on the show.